What Are the Challenges in Application Development?

With over six billion smartphone users worldwide, mobile and mobile-related industries are touching their heights. This opportunity has caught the eyes of entrepreneurs or businessmen, and mobile app development strategies are their top priority. Everyone is endeavoring hard to compete in the market by creating better and promptly solutions.

No doubt! The mobile app market, whether related to games, social media, lifestyles, or whatever, has a vast scope. Annual numbers of mobile app downloads globally have reached over 218 billion in 2020, and it’s rapidly increasing year by year. Moreover, the global mobile app revenue is hastily intensifying as an average consumer has spent 5.31 USD on mobile apps in the second quarter of 2021.

However, getting into the app development field and achieving desired goals is not a piece of cake. High competition in the market and the existing brands isn’t that easy to beat. Mobile developers have to go through a number of challenges to remain in the market. Below we will talk about difficulties developers face in planning, building, and marketing in mobile application development.

1. Determining the right app

Choosing the right direction in a crowded market is a backbreaking task, and for app developers, figuring out the right app to develop is one of the primary challenges. The mobile app industry is already packed with hundreds of stunning apps, and it’s getting tougher. Additionally, it’s not that simple to come up with an idea that can stand out from the competition and get noticed.

However, an experienced mobile app developer has a lot of techniques and tactics to solve development problems. With the profession, their mind is used to thinking in a creative and innovative manner. They come up with new astonishing ideas or innovate existing ideas marvelously based on the market research to develop a successful and the right to the time application.

Selecting the app is an initial step, and most developers feel high pressure in this phase of the app development process. Keeping in mind this pressure, we have discussed it with several professional developers, and they suggest some advice. According to them, before deciding on an app, determine some of the critical factors that will help you find the right app to develop:

● Is the idea based on real assumptions?
● Does the idea cover the problems of the existing market?
● Will the app be easy to navigate?
● What will be the cost and price?
● Is the market ready to accept your idea?

Determining these questions will help you get a clear idea of the right app that will make its unique place in the crowded market.

2.Device compatibility issues

Another big challenge for app developers is making the app compatible with all devices regardless of screen size, Operating system, or device type. Every business wants to be perfect and deliver an impressive service to their customers. That’s why they want to ensure that all their customers with any device will be served equally. So, app developers have to make a compatible app for success.

An app should be compatible with Android as well as iOS and shouldn’t show difficulty in each of them. Moreover, UI and UX are the fundamental characters of an app, and a developer is responsible for executing them on every operating system with the same performance. Responsive design is an effective solution to cope with screen flexibility and adjustment issues. As a developer, you have to pay detailed attention to every aspect to avoid issues with the app.

3.Marketing and promotional strategies

App marketing and promotion are as essential as app designing and development. App developers don’t only have to cope with designing and development issues but also have to come up with a stunning and eye-catching app marketing strategy to make it prosperous. Thinking about a robust promotional strategy is a challenging task, and most businesses with big budgets need help from professional marketers. However, most app developers have to do this step on their own.

In this situation, the first step they should take is to firmly understand their target and competitive market. The mobile app market is already crowded and has aggressive competition. Only with an innovative application idea and a vigorous target approach one can stand out from the market competition. So, developers have to research deeper to figure out their target customers and where they exist. They have to come up with something different and acceptable by their consumers. Outlining the targeted market will enable you to get sufficient attraction and engagement for your app through the right marketing strategy.

After clearly defining the target market, app developers need to determine the challenges and achievable goals of their marketing strategy, as follows:
● Ensuring the app is available in the app store
● Encouraging users to install the app
● Highlighting unique features and increasing app engagement
● Selecting the monetization option such as premium, freemium, or in-app purchases/in-app advertising

Targeting the right customers in your marketing strategy is crucial and will make your marketing campaign successful. Finding the right users can be tricky; however, their benefits are not countable. App developers can add many options to their marketing campaigns, such as going towards freemium for a limited period or turning to ad networks, which will help them to rapidly drive app installs and traffic. If you are interested, there is more to read about app marketing strategy.

4.Lack of funds, resources, and platforms

Money is one of the most important factors in building and successfully launching mobile applications. However, mobile app developers face a lot of difficulties in fulfilling this crucial factor; money. So, with a limited budget, app developers should understand their idea fairly and evaluate its overall cost based on real factors. Assessing and determining the cost for a constrained time will help you cover crucial tasks on time and decrease the risk of spending money on nonessential subtasks.

Figuring out the budget and applying it to the app is not a one-time task. Your app needs constant investment for future tasks and value addition. If you are a businessman and looking for a mobile app developer, then you need to know that quality is not all about UX/UI design for your business; your business app should vary from the competition and stand out from the crowd as a successful mobile app with your brand name.

If you are an intermediate-level app developer with impressive ideas, you can get help from professional developers. You can persuade the right investors to provide you with funds. If it’s not possible, it would be an effective idea to take a loan from a bank or family, or friends. You can then outsource your app to professionals to make necessary detailed changes.

If you have no budget, you can make a start by taking part in various contests or working with several platforms to create a constant pace. However, the real thing is to effectively manage the funds and resources to make your app successful in the market.


Another crucial challenge app developers have to confront is in-app security issues that can become excruciating matters if not resolved at the time. Malware problems may exist in the app and can increase your work by creating hardware and software disintegration. Such problems are time consuming and need a lot of work as well as money.

According to a recent study by IBM, 40% of companies do not scan the code in their mobile apps for security vulnerabilities, and 33% of companies never test apps to ensure they are secure or not. However, to give an efficient and flawless image of your business to customers or build a sense of trust, you have to ensure safety and make the app free from any kind of virus.

What Are the Challenges in Application Development?

As the app compatibility changes with the Operating System, the security guidelines are also different for each OS. Apple has vigorous security guidelines for app developers to provide a secure and safe app to users. However, Android has no instructions about the app’s security issues and gives a free hand to developers. Google Play Store has various protections, however, they are not enough, and studies have shown that many apps on Google Play Store generate false traffic to other websites without user content.

So, app developers have to figure out a secure way to keep the app feasible and win customers’ trust. They also have to be careful while securing the app, so compatibility or other issues don’t arise between the tasks.

6.Customer response

Developing an app and reaching the target customer is not an easy task, but after delivering it to the customer, replying to responses and reviews is essential. As an app developer, you have to understand your customers’ minds and satisfy them with your product. You have to make an easy-to-navigate app so your customers can’t get confused in searching for something. Try to keep the app simple and free from complications because it may lead to low ratings and negative comments. Present your idea within the app straightforwardly, so you can achieve your expected download target and attract more users through the positive reviews of active users. If possible, including helpful images and videos within the app is an impressive idea, and it effectively helps users understand the app thoroughly. According to statistics, 93% of customers judge the quality of business by reading reviews and 72% dont take buying action until they read previous or existing buyers’ responses.

7.Constant performance

Planning, organizing, and managing the app development process is to do things before launching the app. Once you have successfully provided the app to users and start getting their responses, the most crucial thing is to provide consistent app performance to all the users.

Sometimes issues arise due to more traffic on the app, such as slowing down, and due to these issues, consumers get annoyed. To keep your app or business successful, you need to cope with these issues constantly. There may be a lot of reasons for an app issue, such as app crashes, bug issues, or affecting battery life. You need to identify these issues and confront them before they become stumbling blocks.

A good-performing app has more chances to succeed and remain in the market longer than an app with snags. According to statistics, 70% of users abandon the mobile app due to load speed, and 67% do it because there are so many steps to reach the desired place or get information. So, as an app developer, try to keep it simple and increase performance by all means. Get to know more about mobile app performance.

Final thoughts

Being an app developer, you will face a lot of barriers and difficulties in developing a robust and market buster app. Your unique idea, consistency in work, and exceptional marketing strategy will lead you to formulate an invincible mobile app. If you are a beginner-level app developer, don’t panic reading these challenges. Think of these challenges as an opportunity to make you an experienced and professional developer who has confronted and solved all the challenges needed to build a successful mobile app.

If you are a businessman, you need to have an app that can drive sales and enhance engagement. Your app reflects your business and directly talks to your consumers, so it should be flawless and build an impressive image in users’ minds. So, you need professional developers who not only retain the capability to build an unbeatable app but also market it with the most engaging and impressive strategies. Teknomite is providing its impregnable services worldwide and setting standards with its experienced and skilled team to help businesses and startups to enhance their growth. We work with the mission to turn dreams into reality. Feel free to Contact Us to discuss your idea.

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