Pastime Place Website Development

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Client’s brief

The client reached out to us with a plan to create an e-commerce hub like Amazon but for sportswear and shoes, as the client is a solid sports fan and wants to cash on his love for sports. As a result, Pastime Place offers a wide range of sports goods and sportswear, which is related to brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Converse, Puma, Sketchers, Under Armor, etc. Both new and old products are put for sale for customers on the website. People from all over America can buy and sell from the Pastime Place website.


YEAR - 2021


TYPE - Custom Website Development

Platform – Laravel

01 /05

The Introduction

Pastime Place is a place that helps buyers and sellers meet at one point to do the trade of sports goods for money. The organization’s main focus is to efficiently create opportunities for both buyers and sellers, where all brands of sportswear and sports goods are showcased both old and new.

02 /05

The Problem

To expand the horizon and to be able to in everybody’s reach all over America. Pastime wanted to digitalize its products and service, to create a buying and selling hub solely oriented to sportswear and sports goods. As a result, Pastime Place will become a one-stop shop for everyone to buy and sell several brands.

03 /05

The Solution

We at TeknoMite have designed and developed Pastime Place to be a high-end and well-equipped e-commerce website that aids visitors to have a seamless shopping and buying experience through the website and find relevant sportswear and shoes that they require.

04 /05

The Highlights

Simple interface, user-friendly and easy-to-navigate e-commerce website with both old and latest sportswear for the user.

The website offers a new, improved, and unparallel e-commerce experience. Through its e-commerce products and user-oriented features, Pastime Place is a fully functional website with great response time and delivery.

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The Results

Pastime Place is a highly functional, secure, and reliable website that caters to all the needs of buyers and sellers. We have built a website that is easy to browse, user-focused and relevant sports products for buyers and sellers. As a result, it appeals to the user to come back and shop more.

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