Smart and Digital Personal Running Coach App

Trenara eliminates the need for a real running coach with robust tracking, training, personalized planning, and coaching online through an organized digital application. Runners get everything they could hope for here, whatever the fitness levels, whatever the goal.

The Idea Behind Trenara

The app was created with a vision of our client – an all-in-one personalized digital running plan platform dedicated to those who own a passion for running and want to get better at it.

Runners often face several issues when they try to build up a running routine, they lack motivation, a proper coach, or it gets hard to carve out time to run from their busy schedules. Through this app, our client envisions eliminating these issues. The app creates a personalized plan with goals and objectives for the runner to achieve.

The Trenara Solution

To help runners save time, be more efficient, stay organized, and keep records of their achievements, Trenara comes in with quite the outcome.

Trenara is not a one-size-fits-all training plan. Our team of proficient developers assessed all the client’s requirements and created a user-friendly application. It is easy to use, tailored according to the user’s specific needs and details, allows users to set their personal running goals, organizes the running timeline, and provides a great solution to keep everything handy in a digital, smart running coach app.

Not only does Trenara provide a running goal and keeps a record of your achievements, but it also helps you analyze your running history and strategizes future improvements. The user chooses the goal with given data, and the app designs an optimal training plan. In addition, with a Peak Pro subscription, adaptive, the app creates a plan that’s adapted to your way of living and adjusts it to keep in line with your goal.


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Trenara App Key Features

Trenara is a one-of-a-kind mobile application – an all-in-one running training plan app with the following interactive features:

1. Cross-Platform Application

Trenara serves users of multiple devices. Whether it’s Android or iOS, users can download and use the app on major digital channels.

2. Sync With Strava and Garmin

Users can import their personal data and historical runs through Strava or Garmin Connect on Trenara and create a free customized training plan towards their goals. We’ve designed the app to sync weekly sessions to the user’s Garmin Calendar automatically, and once the ‘start’ button is pressed, the device can tell the distances and paces to run.

Almost all Garvin devices are compatible with Trenara.

3. Adaptive Training Plans

The user can subscribe to Peak Pro to take advantage of a fully adaptive training plan. Trenara can adjust user-run workouts based on the current training load to ensure balance. This also helps the user make sure that they’re in line with the schedule towards their goal.

4. Feedback RPE

Trenara brings in a personal coach experience. After a workout session, the user (athlete) can send the coach feedback about the run and overall experience.

The RPE – Rate of Perceived Exertion – is a helpful instrument to monitor training load. It gives the athlete a chance to provide in-depth feedback about the effort they had to put into the run. The coach uses the RPE score to monitor the data, and then it is used to adjust the training plan for further improvement.

5. Chat

Trenara app features an integrated in-app chat option. Users can engage in real-time communication with fellow Trenara users within the app through chat messaging.
Some people like to go solo for a run, while others need help and guidance, and with our chat option, you can easily talk with each other or get expert advice from professional trainers. This helps coordinate exercises, training sessions and improve an overall user’s running experience.

6. Terrain Adjustments

Terrain adjustments is a Peak Pro feature that solves the hassles when you run on different terrain. The app can adjust and adapt the running plan according to the terrain and route. Not only this, but the app also adjusts the pace according to the surface the user will be running on and the altitude the user is residing at.

The Result

Our expert developers’ team at Teknomite successfully created an application that the client envisioned – an authentic, virtual, personal coach, running app supporting advanced adaptive personal running plans.

The Trenara application matched our overall quality standards and passed the testing phase as smoothly as we expected. It’s a bug-free, running training plan platform with an intuitive interface, one-touch functionality that’s becoming popular every day.

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